Seishun Collection is a Hello! Project-centric idol photo gallery focusing on high-quality scans. For now, everything on the site has been collected, scanned, and edited by me – Ceres. If you’d like to contribute scans to the site, I would love to host them! Please note – I only accept images that you personally scanned. No images found on other galleries, twitter, etc.

Please feel free to use the images on this site to make graphics for social media, fan covers, fan videos, or fan sites! No need to credit me. Do NOT use these images for monetary gain in any way. Please support Hello! Project current and former members by purchasing official merch and music or streaming their music/videos where available.

If you would like to support this site so I can continue to purchase things to scan, please visit the garage sale! I only keep items for a select few oshimen, so lots of items need new loving homes.

About Ceres

I’ve been a Hello! Project fan since 2001. My kamioshi is Junjun and my other oshimen are Goto Maki, Kago Ai, Suzuki Kanon, Nakanishi Kana, Kaga Kaede, Takase Kurumi and Kitagawa Rio. I’m also a huge fan of Arashi and follow other idol groups like ZOC, femme fatale, and NiziU. I love to sing, and post idol and anisong covers over on my youtube channel.

I’m also a long-time Sailor Moon fan and co-admin of Miss Dream. Huge thank you to my fellow admin MarioKnight for hosting and helping set up the back end of this site. 100% could not have done this without him!